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    My dog story for Jon Miller

    I didnt hear much of Jon's show today but did hear a couple mins of people talking about different experences with dogs.
    I have a 8 yr old lab that is very high strung. Everyone says they settle down with age, well mine hasn't yet. No kennel, dog run or backyard fense has been able to keep him in, if he wants out he will get out. I am not sure we will ever get another dog after this one for a lot of reasons.

    That leads me to my story. We are in the proces of moving and selling our house. To make life easier we have moved our dog out to my parents farm a place he has stayed before and is fimilar with. Since no fence can keep him in I took six 5 ft tall cattle pannels and welded a 2 inch steal pipe frame to the pannels, thinking he couldnt get through them, over them or under them. I attached the pannels to the old hog shed on a cement pad, he has a 20x20 pin with a dog house, a wood deck, plus a door to a 6x6 pen on the inside of the hog shed (the shed is cleaned out and used as storage) with his plastic kennel. I am there every day so I can care for him and my parents dont have to worry about him. For some reason heavy rain freaks my dog out. On my way to my parents this morning I get a call from my dad saying your dog got out, so he is in the garage. Once I get there dad is in the shop and informs me my dog went for a swim in their above ground pool. They have a deck around it but the deck is 3 ft below the top of the pool. Well the pool is only half full so once he got in he couldnt get out. Dad had to fish him out after my dog tore the pool tarp and pool liner to pieces. We have not figured out how he got out of his pin. He either went over the fence or through it, he did leave his dog tags on the ground behind. As for the pool dad wasnt to upset about it, he said he thought about letting my dog out when he left to chore but didnt. He also said the liner needed replaced anyway so its not that big of a deal. I sure to feel bad and have to clue where to put my dog now, but do know I have to buy a pool tarp.

    The gap in our economy is between what we have and what we think we ought to have--and that is a moral problem, not an economic one. - Paul Heyne

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    Re: My dog story for Jon Miller

    Dog stories? In November 2006, my sisters dog bit me in the face (between my lip and nose) and tore a good chunk out (including part of my lip). This was the night before the ISU/ KU game; had many stitches and ended up not going to the game. Made the MU game 2 weeks later and had to drink beer out of a straw.

    I have a pretty good scar; stands out in the winter, due to me not being tan and the scar being pinkish

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