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    Timing: Momentum

    It is way early, and I hate to introduce MBB on the FB board, but so far, the Royals timing is almost perfect.

    New GM comes on board -- generate momentum
    Stadium improvements underway -- momentum
    New manager on board -- momentum
    Off to a Nice 7-2 record against great teams --> great timing

    I am a little frustrated that JP's timing has not worked out as well for him. He has done about all he can in generating momentum for the FB and MBB programs. New coaches, record ticket sales, facility improvements announced (MBB) and underway (FB).

    But now, the coaches (and teams) need to come through with some wins, or the momentum will get all jacked up. No one is expecting miracles, but I think year 2 under GC and year 3 under GMac need to demonstrate some clear progress or Big Mo will start to slide.

    I have a lot of confidence in FB due to the schedule easing and our play improving last year.

    MBB? Jury still out. But a solid FB season would go a long ways for taking pressure off GMac.

    We need at least one of the programs to have a good year to keep this train rolling. Can't take our programs to the next level on WBB and wrestling success only.

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