As we all know, it is never easy to recruit to ISU. With the current turmoil in the program that task is sure not to get any easier. What seems to frustrate me is that our biggest weakness next year would seem to be the offensive line yet it doesn't appear that we are trying to address the problem. We talk about JUCO's but it doesn't appear that ISU is currently strongly going after any JUCO O-lineman. According to Scout, we have yet to offer any JUCO lineman and have pending offers out to three 2star, and 2 1star high school players. Unless McC thinks guys like Tjaden, Schober, Stephens, Tibbs, and Schmeling are world beaters, what is he thinking? I know the recruiting season is far from done but you would think we would already be going after some serious talent.

Looking back on our classes, it appears to me that ISU has had one and only one recent successful recruiting class. Without this class, ISU would be farther in the dumps than they already are. If we could stockpile and judge this kind of talent every year we would have a lot less problems. I realize they are not all highly rated, but the staff did an exceptional job judging them or at least in comparison to other years.

Here is a rundown of '03 of people on the depth charts:
QB-Bret Meyer
WR-Todd Blythe, Milan Moses
TE-Ben Barkema
OL-Aaron Brant, Tom Schmeling, John Tjaden, Bastian Schober
DL-Brent Curvey, Kurtis Taylor, Jason Berryman*
DB-DeAndre Jackson, Caleb Berg
K-Josh Griebahn

We can get talent, we just need to be a little more consistent about it