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    Frustrations with ISU offense.

    Where do I start. I do believe that we do have alot of talent on the offense, it is just not being used well. There are things our players can do well and things that they struggle with. I think one of the major problems is that our coaches seem unwilling to change our offense and their play calling to fit our players abilities. Mac stated against Oklahoma that we needed to re-establish the run. Mac has believed forever that you have to establish the run before you can pass. I think that with the talent we have we could establish our passing game to make our running game better. With respect to our passing game, we have a good QB and talented receivers. We throw primarily medium length passes 10-20 yards which takes time to develop. As we have seen for the past several games, we have a difficult time giving Meyer adequate time to throw these intermediate routes. The pass offense should be changed to shorter, quicker passes. For the past several games we have thrown primarily to the wide receivers. We need to involve our running backs and TE's more in our offense. Additionally we also seem to throw primarily to the outside of the field. When was the last time we threw a slant pass. As for blitzing situations, we do not seem to be able to audible out of plays that will not work when we are being blitzed. Teams will continue to blitz us until we show the ability to beat the blitzes. With the experience we have on our offense, it has been very disconcerting that we appear not prepared to handle blitzes. As for our running game, many of our plays are slow developing, which means that the OL must hold their blocks for a couple of counts. I have seen several times where our line has opened up a hole, only to see it close before Stevie can get to it. I would like to see us try some quick hitting runs where Meyer takes the snap directly from the center and hands off to a RB that is running fast to the line, not standing still waiting for the ball. I would also like to see more of a two back offense, with the FB even getting a few runs a game. As for other coaching, our play calling is very predictable, we seldom alter our tendencies, we don't run enough exotic plays and the few times we do they are not set up well nor well executed. We also need to throw a long pass early in almost every game. Let the defense know we will throw long and Blythe does well in those situations. We also need to use more motion. Motion can be used to confuse the defense and give an advantage to the offense. Finally if you have a player like Blythe, use him. I would line him up on the outside, in the slot, and even in the backfield. I would put him in motion quite a bit to attempt to dictate to the defense who would defend him. Our coaches seem to try to fit our players to the offense they want to run, not build an offense to fit our players talents.

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    Re: Frustrations with ISU offense.

    Paragraphs are your friend.

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