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Thread: With Every Yard

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    With Every Yard

    I'm fairly impressed with the ISU Marching Band this year. They seem to be kicking tail in a year when the football product is much in turmoil. The band has seen up and down years - much like any program at ISU but this year has been a highlight. The ISU Band has always been a technically sound squad, but now they are drawing more attention and accolades than I have ever seen before.
    I wish our current Football staff had the same attitude that the ISU Band Staff has had during the last few years. The band directors kept saying they had to raise the level of their performances and get people more involved and have better, more innovative shows. This is the same old staff that 4 years ago practiced classical musical stuff, block formations, and sent the fans streaming to the concession lines during half time.

    The Band, staff and members have obviously upped their game; they took their knowledge and applied it to more contemporary setting. They choreographed better shows. They made formations that pleased the crowd more. They practiced harder - and longer. The leaders relied upon their knowledge, years of experience, and came up with something BETTER than the product that they already had.

    The rumor around Ames is that we have a an entirely new staff in charge of our ISU Marching Band because it so much better than 2 years ago. In reality - it's the same ol' staff - they just adapted, adjusted, and have used their experience to produce a better product on the field. The ISU Band has always had a good product, they just wanted to make their product better... and have succeeded.

    Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in there or maybe we are just lucky to have a good band, dunno.

    Pereant osores!

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    Upper deck

    I wish someone in the "improved" band would quit the "traveling band" concept. As an upper deck resident I can't stand it. And I think if you ask the band members they will say their presence in the stands is not entirely welcome.

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    Re: With Every Yard

    I never really got that impression that people didn't want us there, necessarily. I think a majority of people still enjoy it.

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