Farm clubs now exist in the NCAA for football and basketball.

Academic responsibilities are brushed aside by certain schools just to get "big money" players (see Shatel, OWH).

Recruits, agents, soft commitments, transfers, criminality, big money, . . .gun the three and dunk it . . . and yet we can't talk about these issues?

No wonder people are tuning out of the NCAA sports. Yet, its defenders will point to a Davidson . . and proclaim all is well.

This year's NCAA wrestling "Champ" is composed of stolen players from another school . . . because they wanted to wrestle for X coach. Academics, school loyalty are a joke in the NCAA money machine . . .not to mention the "hate your enemy," chest thumping wrestling style of the "champs."

ISU's German basketball recruit is punished for playing on a team where a stipend was payed to 2 other players. He loses a year of eligibility. Yet other schools get a wink and a nod.

Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma continue to get the lion's portion of big money in the Big XII. They can literally buy a team year in and out . . . big money resides at Oklahoma State, Baylor, and Texas ATM . . . ISU will struggle at a competitive disadvantage. It is too rural, too X, too far removed from metropolitan centers, too cold . . too academic.

Thank God for Bill F and his teams . . they still represent what college sports should be . . and yet, we still hear from sports commentators . . . the other team has more "athletes." How much longer will ISU be able to have a chance to win the Big XII without "athletes?"

Tell me why you can continue to support a system that is totally screwed up and over?