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    My thoughts on B12 Tourney

    We just got back from KC a couple hours ago.....and I should be really tired, but I'm still winding down somehow. Four of us had all-session passes, and I'd say its probably the way to go. Plenty of great games, and if you so choose to sell some passes you can generally clear a profit off of the games you decide to sell.

    The whole KC area in general seems to be crazy for this tournament, and have really invested nicely in the new sprint center and new light-house bar/restaurant district. It seems to make sense to me that KC would be a permanent stop for the B12 bball tourney, and have Dallas handle the fb championship game.

    The fans from other teams that we met were all very cordial, and I can't say I met any bad apples. In particular I talked with an OU fan during the saturday session.....he was really high on Jeff Capel, and expressed his concern that they would not be able to retain him as their coach, which, frankly surprised me. But he's right, Jeff has done a very nice job in a short time getting a top recruit and getting them in the top four of the conference this year. I also talked with several KU fans, and they were all really really nice. One of 'em mentioned how happy they were when Floyd/Eustachy left, and overall I think they are a pretty classy bunch.

    I could mention our game....but it was such a typical performance for us this year, that I don't know that there's much to talk about. Other than that, I had a great time going there for the first time, and can only imagine how much fun it will be when we become good again. Kelly's was good all three nites as well....the bartender's were all very appreciative and cordial.

    ....the only negative besides our performance was that annoying "hog call" (as we put it) that the A&M cheerleaders display in trying to rally there fans.....possibly the stupidest thing i've encountered at a sporting event.

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    Re: My thoughts on B12 Tourney

    ku lit it up in the championship

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