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    Basketball Scholly questions

    O.K. so if we get 4 guys this year. Brackins, Stinnet, Staiger, and Garret.

    We already have 1 scholly filled next year with Eichmeir (SP?)

    So how many do we have left for 2008. Would it be 1? If it's just one we need a big guy or Negadu. Thoughts and anyone who can awnser?

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    Re: Basketball Scholly questions

    We have four seniors next year, Clark, Hubalek, Taylor, and McIntosh so we have at least four spots to fill, Eikmeier took one, leaving us with at least three. It had also been mentioned that we were recruiting with one more from this year (possibly from an agreement with Alex Thompson), we didn't use it yet this year, although we could sign a juco now or in the spring yet. So 1 of 4 left for this year, 3 of 4 left for next year, and one extra potential scholarship.
    For next year I would love to add Buckley PG, Negedu PF, and Zeller or Bergrenn C

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