hey guys and gals, a friend of mine posted this on another site and i thought where better to re-post this (with her permission) than where the largest gathering of true cyclones exists!!! shes prolly gonna kill me for leaving her personal stories in here, but oh well ;) any help, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated!!! thanks everyone!!! and lets kick some aggie arse tonight

Cris was a friend of mine at Iowa State. He was probably one of the most geniune kind-hearted people I have ever met. He brought his big Texas hat and his big Blue truck to Ames along with a big smile no one can forget. He never understood why I always said "you guys" instead of y'all and it was an ongoing laugh we shared. That and the fact I used to prank call him and act like I was a Chinese Delivery driver. He tried to reciprocate but have you ever heard a Chinese Person with a Texas Accent? It never worked so well. LOL Well...I could spend all day on memories but I'll get to my point, every year they host a golf tournament in his honor. It is held in Texas so its hard to always make the trip. However, if you want to donate in his honor I have attached the link below. Its an awesome thing to do to pay tribute to a fabulous person if you have some extra cash.

Thanks Y'all:)

PS. If anyone would like to participate in the golf outing I can get that info as well.

Cris Love Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cris, Jr. passed away June 14, 2006 after a courageous battle with cancer. Cris graduated from Round Rock High School in May of 2000 and received a football scholarship from Iowa State University where he played quarterback. Cris graduated from Iowa State in August 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Health and Human Performance. He had a passion for fishing - in particular fly fishing - and he was an avid golfer.

Cris' parents, Cris and MeLynda Love, created the scholarship fund with the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation to memorialize their son. The scholarship fund has already had an incommunicable effect in the Round Rock community. In the last year at Round Rock High School, three overly deserving individuals received scholarships to assist in making their collegiate endeavors become a reality.

Cris, Jr. is remembered by many for his character and willingness to give to others. Following the passing of Cris Jr. Iowa State Head Football Coach Dan McCarney said, "More than anyone, Cris was an example of selflessness and the epitome of a team player. I have often told my players that 'if you forget yourself, you won't be forgotten'. No one in my 30 years of coaching personifies that philosophy more than Cris Love."
In addition to the scholarships provided by the fund, the memory of Cris has also moved many individuals in a number of different ways as his memory serves as a beacon to encourage others to be a team player and give more to others than self.

To contribute to the Cris Love Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund and to the educations of Round Rock's youth, send checks to the address below, call with credit card information or or pay online at this link: Online Donations

http://www. rrcommunityfoundation. org/pages/cris_love