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    Re-entry policy at the Sprint Center?

    Just wondering if you could "re-use" tickets from the earlier game in the same session. For example, Nebraska and Missouri play at 6 pm in the same session that ISU plays A&M at 8:30 pm. Would it be possible to buy tickets from the loser of the NU-MU game as they leave the Sprint Center? Or are they only good for one entry per session?

    I am really hoping they can be re-used, that should give me and some friends a better chance at finding some cheap seats.

    Thanks for any advice!!

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    Re: Re-entry policy at the Sprint Center?

    I don't know for sure, but I doubt it. They scan the tickets electronically. Good luck finding cheap tickets. I've tried most of the afternoon. I've seen second session tix for as much as $100 apiece.

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    Re: Re-entry policy at the Sprint Center?

    I am not 100%, so if anyone has better information, feel free to correct me. But I don't believe that picking up tickets from exiting NU-MU fans will work.

    The main reason I say that is that Kemper always had a smoking area in a fenced off place outside of the arena. If using tickets for a second entry within the same session were allowed, it would have been easy for people to walk into the smoking area and pass tickets to buddies through the fence to get them into the arena.

    I don't know if they tear off the stubs or use the bar code machines at Sprint, but I would not count on getting a Session 2 ticket from an exiting fan.

    Which is why it might be important for those traveling down tomorrow to try and get tickets before the first NU-MU game starts. By 8:30, I don't know how many scalpers will be around and whether or not they will have tickets. I imagine there will be some, but cannot recall other times when we have played the last game.

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