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    10 Worst Teachers to be offered $10,000 to quit

    A Washington-based anti-union group hopes to "jump-start a conversation" about the difficulty schools face in getting rid of bad teachers with a contest that sounds as if it were designed for reality TV.

    The Center for Union Facts will ask parents, students and other teachers Tuesday to nominate the "worst unionized teacher in America." The center says it will choose 10 and offer each $10,000 to quit; "winners" must allow the center to write about them on its website.

    Group has severance plan for 'worst unionized teachers' -

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    Re: 10 Worst Teachers to be offered $10,000 to quit

    We have two of those, at least, right here in our school.

    One was dismissed (by the school district) a couple years ago for boinking a teenaged student, but because he was acquitted in court, he's back teaching junior high. He still is inappropriate with the kids, but, hey, he's "not guilty" so therefore we're required to put him back into the job.

    Another is one of those teachers the all the teachers and parents know can't teach her way out of a wet paper bag. My kid had her for geometry, and I had to teach my kid geometry in order to get the homework done, at home, after school. Good thing I used to be a teacher, or we'd be screwed like the rest of the kids/parents that have her.

    But, we've pretty much exhausted all the avenues that don't involve a mob hit and both these teachers are back "on the podium."

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