Kansas City Star calls Westport is Iowa State's Home away form home
Got Orange? Go Straight to Westport | BIG12KC

Got Orange? Go Straight to Westport

The following is brought to you by the party hearty people of Westport - Kansas City's reigning go-crazy-zone.
They accept that you'll most likely be losing total control, chowing down and racing around behaving badly in the new Power & Light entertainment district downtown. Not that they like it. They just don't want you to forget about them - 25 blocks or so south towards the Plaza.

"We're running busses from the core of Westport to the Sprint Center and back continuously," says Westporter Bill Nigro. "I think people are going to find it easier to park in Westport and take a bus to Sprint Center."

And Westport is Iowa State's home away from home, Nigro reminds.
When it comes to partying in Westport, today and Wednesday's Big 12 Women's tournament action usually is about 10 percent the size of the men's tournament action that starts Thursday. Hey but everyone knows size is secondary.

Westport wants you! So come hang at legendary neighborhood tavern Kelly's, ride the Beaumont Club's bull, cry the blues at Blayney's, smoke a cigar at Harry's and/or pretend you have a bit part in a Quentin Tarantino movie at the Lava Room. Check out one of KC's most heralded hamburgers at the Westport Flea Market.
There's a lot more too. Aloha.