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    Thumbs up Blog about Senior Day

    Posted a new blog awhile ago: Juice blogs » The Cyclones I've probably covered a lot of that here already.

    Please frequent this blog as much as possible. Jerry and I try to update it almost every day to keep the content fresh. We've seen a dropoff in hits lately despite keeping it more updated than it used to. We used to get nearly twice the hits and during football season we were getting beat by the Hawkeye blog but we overtook them in hits late last year. Would love for us to be one of the top viewed blogs on the site so be sure to pass the link on. Jerry and I are always looking for topics you want to hear about so send us a PM if you want us to cover something. Especially here soon it is going to get tough to talk about things during the "offseason."

    Hits from last month:
    Blogs Page 19,555
    Faith 24,781
    Balancing Business & Babies 6,872
    Brianne Sanchez 4,905
    Sophia Ahmad 3,012
    East Village vs. East Village 2,964
    Sarah Dose 2,754
    Tim Paluch 2,752
    Photos and ... Stuff 2,237
    DIY Projects and Dining 2,140
    Massage, Wellness and Vegetarianism 1,731
    Being an Actress 1,285
    DVDs and Comics 1,036
    Juice Staff Blog 962
    Wedding Planning 944
    Health & Fitness 875
    The Cyclones 871
    Music 797
    Pop Culture 573
    Snippets from Japan 562
    Fantasy Football 557
    Uprooted Clown 503
    Style 453
    Des Moines Music Coalition 437
    The Hawkeyes 435
    Young Professionals Connection 413
    Sports and Life 407
    Iowa Outdoor Unlimited 326
    D.M. Art Scene 300
    Clive Jaycees 284
    Juice Fitness Challenge 260
    The Bucs 238
    Everyday Fitness 236
    Movie Reviews 223
    D.M. Theater Scene 210
    D.M. Dance Scene 151
    Real Estate 129
    Race Fans 96

    Go Cubs Go!

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    Re: Blog about Senior Day

    About the hit thing too...I usually paste my entries into my posts on here, but it would help us out hitwise even if you just click on the link that I include and then x out the window and read it on CF. If we all come together at Cyclone Fanatic we can overcome the evil empire of "Wedding Planning" and "Being an Actress"...after that we're going straight to the top and overthrowing "Balancing Business and Babies"...

    [ame=]YouTube - Howard Dean[/ame][ame=""][/ame]

    Im just glad I have Homan as my bodyguard, Eustachy joked. If I ever make it real big and get to drive a limo everyday, hell be driving it. I thought he came off the bench like somebody was stealing his cow or something.

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    Re: Blog about Senior Day

    Looks like Fantasy Football is hanging in there also...

    Let Prohm's Posse Ride: Hallice, Brady, Stu, Lard, Naz, Deonte, Monte, Matt, Simeon, Jordan, and Babb.

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