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    NFL Network complaints

    All the re-run/repeat stuff somewhat bothers me.

    Its decent programming because many times I get home to catch the last half of total access, and will then watch the 1st segment of the show right away, so thats a plus.

    However it is the NFL F'n Network and they may have a bajillion games on tape they could occasionally air. I started watching football in 86, so other than the same 5 highlight reels played over and over, I never saw guys like Earl Campbell or Ricky Bell play. I never saw the famed steel curtain defense in an actual game.

    I really feel they could air some sort of feature during the Earl Campbell week, where they show a game a night, or some other deal where the show some of the all time great playoff games.

    And keep in mind after the draft until preseason thwere isnt much happening in the NFL per se. Might be a great time to show off some games and such. Anyone else think they half-*** it in terms of programming?
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    Re: NFL Network complaints

    I only watch the live games... and some of the NFL Films content.

    Otherwise the network is almost useless. Sometimes they have cheerleaders... that is okay too.

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    Thumbs up Re: NFL Network complaints

    NFL NETWORK needs to show more variety, the over and over tells me they have a smallish budget except for for the live Thursday games (which I love). Oh, let's not forget, HOW BAD IS THAT Kara what's her name on NFL Access!!!!???? Wow, what a NASAL HAG, she needs to go back to wherever she came from!!!!

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