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    Strategy question

    I really love the strategy part of collegiate basketball. In spite of the rough stretch we're going through right now, I really feel we're fortunate we have Coach Mac running the ship because I think he's as good as they come in terms of the X's and O's part of the game.

    Having said that, though, I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't change the way we defended the high pick and roll once Hall started tearing us up. Instead of hedging and fighting over the pick, I wondered why we didn't just jump switch. It mighted have created some mismatches, but I think it would have prevented Hall from getting into the lane where he was carving us up.

    Anther quick comment concerning strategy. Next year, the 3-point line gets moved back one foot. That means it will be difficult (although not impossible) to hit a 3-pointer from from the corner since there be very little room between the 3-point line and the side line. It should reduce the amount of 3-point territory that teams will have to defend.

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    Re: Strategy question

    Im not sure either.

    Ive wondered why we play so much one on one offense and everyone stands around.

    Typical ISU play.

    Petey brings the ball up the court, having quite the battle... gets it over the 1/2 line at 27 on the clock... at about 23 on the clock we start the 'offense'

    Wes stands behind the 3 point line and WAITS to get the ball... Brackins and Jiri attempt to get open down low. Rest of the people stand there or maybe set a bad screen.

    Ive seriously never seen a team pass the ball so little and move so little to get open. BUT apparently thats the style of ball we should expect after 2 years.

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    Re: Strategy question

    So it only took one reply to get this thread off topic and into a bash our offense thread. Cool.

    I don't know what a better solution would have been to slow down Marcus Hall, but he really killed us last night. I didn't mind so much that he was quicker than our defenders off the dribble, but what really bothered me was that our help defense was so poor when he penetrated -- especially after he had done it half a dozen times.

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