Disclaimer: I am not for or against Mac coaching at ISU. I do however feel safe to leave this decision in the very capable hands of Mr. Pollard.

Here are a few of my obversations as I sit back and watch the fruckus as I am too tired from the last go around to do it again.

- The same crowd (easily identified on boards) is once again chanting "Fire Mac" that chanted "Fire Wayne".

- Memo to the "Fire Mac" crowd: Hey, some people like Mac and are happy with what he has done so far and want to give him more time. That does not make them Mac Apologist's or Kool Aid drinkers. They support they coach and have every right to.

- Memo to "God save the King" crowd: Hey, some people just aren't satisfied with where the program is at. They have every right to expect more if they want it.

- No other school in the conf has had to battle up from where we were. KSU is not a fair comparison. They went "all in" (like Pollard is trying to do now) about 15 yrs ago. Yeah, Mac has had some support but only now are we really seeing the school and fans being asked to make a $$$ committment to the program. Pollard had a great point that either we pony up the $$$ to compete in the Big 12 or else. There is no "well let's just do enough to skate by mentality".

- Mac comes from a great pedigree of coaches that Hayden Fry (maybe that's why some hate him) had underneath him. Did we get the one bad apple of the group? Dunno.

- Mindnumbing stat crunching aside Mac did an incredible job turning around the football program. I don't think an "idiot" would be able to do that. Now is he the coach to get us up to the next level? I don't think we know or can say since we have nothing to compare to.

- It's very obvious that with Pollard's goals that Mac (regardless of PR spin out of ISU) is on a short leash. He's made attempts at two huge play calling gambles that failed. He's a hero if those succeed and we win and a villian if we don't. Coaches with a fat 10 yr contract don't make those calls.

- For whatever reason ISU football seems cursed. Until we break through that, regardless of coach/staff we'll be stuck in a cycle of mediocrity. Only the players can take care of this one.