Texas has the guards to make the regionals, but I don't know if they have enough to go all the way.

Kansas always chokes. Danny Manning couldn't win at Hilton, but he won a championship. Now, KU has become almost as sure a bet to be upset as picking a 12 to beat a 5.

K State is really an unknown. Beasley puts up crazy numbers but that hasn't always meant wins.

Texas A&M is decent but not better than a sweet 16.

Baylor can surprise. Sweet 16 would be a great story for them, maybe even good enough to reach regionals. I have more faith in Baylor than KU. (I can't believe I just said that!)

Oklahoma is a bubble team. They will be lucky to get in. Maybe one win, only a lucky matchup will get them to the second weekend.

Drake can matchup with anyone they will see in the first two rounds. After that it will all depend on what teams they meet. They will not beat themselves, and will hustle for 40 minutes. That is a tough out for any team.

All of the big ten teams will be gone in the first weekend. Mich St. is the only team that might advance. And that is only because Izzo has some crazy March Madness voodoo that propels his teams through the bracket.