Tom Pettitte received performance-enhancing drugs from a trainer at a gym near Deer Park, and provided them to his son as recently as 2004. In numerous interviews with associates of the gym, on several trips to the Deer Park area, reporters from the Daily News discovered that Tom Pettitte, who has serious medical problems, obtained the human growth hormone from the muscle-bound owner of the gym, who is close to the Pettitte family. Based on information from two sources, Koby Clemens, Roger Clemens' oldest son, also has worked out at the same gym.

"I had asked my dad if he had had any of the HGH that he had had before," Pettitte said. "He ended up bringing me two syringes over to my house. And you know, I injected myself once in the morning and once at night. He had brought two syringes over."

Exclusive: Andy Pettitte received performance-enhancers from father

How HGH triangle ensnared Andy Pettitte, dad and trainer