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Sampson's response to the allegations
Kelvin Sampson read a statement after Indiana's 68-66 loss to No. 15 Wisconsin on Wednesday night.
"The allegations that I knowingly acted contrary to the sanctions that occurred while I was at Oklahoma are not true,” he said. "I have never intentionally provided false or misleading information to the NCAA. I intend to work within the NCAA process on this matter, and I look forward to my opportunity to do so.”

He said he would not comment further until after an NCAA hearing in June. Sampson repeatedly refused to answer additional questions.

By The Associated Press

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Dead coach walking.
Kelvin Sampson's coaching days appear to be numbered.

The former Oklahoma coach has been accused of repeatedly providing "false and misleading information” to Indiana and NCAA investigators.

It's more of the same from Sampson.

OU basketball was found to have made (at least) 577 impermissible calls from 2000-04 under Sampson's watch. More impermissible calls have followed since he left to coach the Hoosiers.

Phone calls and text messaging might seem like petty rules, but they are rules. Rules that Sampson inexplicably refuses to accept.

Sampson is accused of five major violations at Indiana, a school that has had no major violations since 1960.

IU officials have until May 8 to provide a written response to the NCAA, and the Division I Committee on Infractions meets June 14 in Seattle.

What happens from now until then?

To alleviate pending action from the NCAA, Indiana officials will implement self-imposed sanctions.

If IU officials find these allegations to be true, it won't take an act of congress to figure out what to do.

These should be the minimum requirements:

• Sampson should be fired, along with assistant coach Jeff Meyer.

• Athletic director Rick Greenspan, the man who hired Sampson despite his transgressions at OU, should be fired.

• Self-imposed sanctions should include reductions in the number of official visits, scholarships and recruiting days on the road.

The key to implementing self-imposed sanctions is to act swiftly and severely.

When disciplining yourself, don't slap yourself on the wrist. Slap yourself across the face.

Make it hurt. Make it humiliating. Make the NCAA take notice.

The tricky part comes in differentiating between slapping yourself, and slapping yourself silly.

In Indiana's case, the toughest question is what do you do about this season?

The Hoosiers are 20-4 overall, 9-2 in the Big Ten and ranked No. 13 in the latest Associated Press poll

Should IU deem itself ineligible for the Big Ten and NCAA postseason tournaments next month?

No. Such action would unfairly victimize the players.

Timing is of utmost importance. There is a window between the end of this season and the May 8 deadline for a written response.

Will self-imposed sanctions be enforced during this season, or after?

There are phrases with which you don't want your name associated:

"Failed to comply with sanctions imposed ...”

"Exceeded NCAA limits ...”

"Acted contrary to the NCAA principles of ethical conduct ...”

"Failed to deport himself in accordance with the generally recognized high standard of honesty ...”

"Engaged in an impermissible recruiting contact ...”

These phrases are scattered throughout the NCAA's notice of allegations pertaining to Sampson.

They are harsh allegations for first-time offenders, and cut even deeper for repeat offenders.

If Sampson were still in Norman and committed these sins, OU president David Boren would fire Sampson before sun-up.

Indiana has no choice but to do the same. Rules are rules, no matter where you're employed.

If these allegations against Sampson prove to be true, only one logical fate awaits.

Dead coach walking.

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