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    Valentine's Love and Such...

    Just wanted to create a post, being it's Valentines about love.

    Where did you meet your wife/husband?
    How old were you?
    How did you know they were the one?

    I'm 21.. thought I found "the one," but she went her separate way this past summer after two years.. It's still kinda strange being single.. enjoyable though (for the most part). Just wondering about all of my fellow Cyclone fans and their successful experiences. (Tips are good)

    Happy Valentines Day to you all and of course.. GO CYCLONES!!

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    Re: Valentine's Love and Such...

    Met at Work
    I was 26 she was 22
    The one? Hmmm Thats a tough question to answer. She maid my loins tingle?

    "where there is pain, let us bring grace. for those afraid, let us be brave. where there is misery, let us bring relief. let us be the remedy" dc*b

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    Re: Valentine's Love and Such...

    I'm not a good one for tips since I met my future wife in kindergarten.
    I went to a different town for elementary, but our towns joined in 6th grade. She was the best athlete in the class so that's when I thought she was the one. It just took her 4 more years to convince her of that. The first time I had her mom's cooking, I knew she was the one.
    We both claim the other followed to college, but Christmas of our junior year we were engaged and got married in June after graduation. I was a little concerned at first the her Hawkeye upbringing may be tough to overcome, but a comination of working in Ames and living in Ankeny has turned her to the light. 5 years and 1 kid (another on the way) later, we sit here on Valentine's night watching some dude in a dress on Deal or no Deal to a supper of pork chops on the couch.
    Now, back to my chop.

    Exaggeration is a BILLION times worse than understating.

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