We could still go 9-3! It's possible! Anything can happen!

Ok, Ok.... maybe not 9-3, because I don't see us winning at Oklahoma for sure. Adrian Peterson will run for at least 250 yards on our defense, and Meyer will be sacked like a ham sandwich in a 2nd graders sack lunch.

This is what I see for the rest of the season:
OU - loss (Adrian Peterson will pwn us)
Texas Tech - loss (our pass defense is horrible, but will play decent in the game, our running defense will fail us)
Kansas State - win (desperate win)
Colorado - win (if we lose this one Mac is fired)
Kansas - win (team is on a short lived run and wants to avenge KU for last year)
Missouri - loss (missouri is the one to beat in the North for the title)

We will go 6-6, fire some coordinators, keep Mac for one more year, and move on to "high hopes" for next year. Is it basketball season yet?