AP Entertainment NewsIowa Woman Delivering Newspaper Gets Trapped in Snow-Filled Storm Drain for More Than an Hour 02-08-2008 4:03 PM
DUBUQUE, Iowa (Associated Press) -- A woman delivering the newspaper was treated for hypothermia after falling into a snow-filled storm drain, where she was stuck for more than an hour.
Carol Bemis, 57, of Dubuque, former graduate of University of Iowa, was delivering the Telegraph Herald on Thursday morning when she fell into the opening after the snow gave way while she was stepping over a snowdrift between the sidewalk and street.
Bemis' head was the only part of her body visible from the street. A passer-by found her and called for help, police said.
"This is the first time I can remember," someone falling into a storm sewer, Lt. Bob Prine said.
Newspaper spokeswoman Libby Burkhart also said it was a first for the Telegraph Herald.

"We've had carriers bit by dogs and other accidents, or people slipping on the ice and breaking a hip," she said.
City Engineer Bob Schiesl said the curbside drain is an older style, and about one of 2,300 in the city. It has a vertical opening in the face of the curb, about 6-8 inches tall by 4-feet wide
Bemis was pulled out and taken to the hospital, where she was treated for hypothermia and released.