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    DMJuice: Sparse Crowd Likely as ISU Tries To Defend Homecourt from the Aggies

    Hopefully I'm wrong and everybody will be able to make it, but it sounds like those of us able to get there are going to have to scream twice as loud!

    Sparse Crowd Likely as ISU Tries To Defend Homecourt from the Aggies
    :: February 5th, 2008 :: 4:11 pm

    If the Cyclones are going to continue their defense of Hilton during Big 12 play, they are likely going to have to do it with a smaller-than-normal crowd in attendance. It seems like every home game we’ve had since Christmas has come with crappy weather, and tonight is expected to be downright nasty weather-wise. Many ticket holders coming from out of town will have to fight heavy snow and slick road conditions if they want to get to Hilton, leaving the majority of the burden of crowd support to the students and Ames residents.

    Now this is a game that would appear to be a decent chance for Coach McDermott to get his first win over a top 25 team if Wesley Johnson can go tonight. The last word that I have heard indicates that he will be ready, although it is uncertain how many minutes he will be able to play. The Aggies return several key contributors from last season, although they will certainly miss PG Acie Law IV and C Antanas Kavaliauskus. They have some nice wins so far this season, but have been hot and cold depending on the night. More often than not, it has been on the road where they have struggled, so I’m optimistic of our chances.

    This part of my write-up might not be popular, but I need to say it. There has been much controversy about the student section at Hilton, and rumors that it might be shrunk again by Mr. Pollard if attendance doesn’t get better from the students. There have been editorials and people shouting to the mountaintops that the administration doesn’t care about the students and that they should be doing more for them. To these people I ask, “What in the heck have you been smoking?” You have the opportunity to sit down front and watch some of the best basketball in the world at a whopping $95 dollars for the whole season (except for holiday games). You also receive some free game props (cheesy though they may be) and opportunities to go to road games dirt cheap. What more do you want? Can I get you a limousine to transport you to and from the game? How about some wine and cheese in your own personal hospitality room at halftime? A complimentary massage from the ISU gymnasts? I mean geez, some people have distorted expectations. You get to sit in the front row for basically $5 a game!!!

    What really makes me sick about it is that the ones doing the crying are the idiots talking about how they have to stay home and study for a test on game night or that they don’t want to have to walk through the snow to get there and missing half of the games. If you are that studious that you have to skip a game to study maybe you should have looked ahead on your calendar and seen the conflict coming so you could use the game for a study break instead! As far as weather, this demographic has the shortest distance to travel of anybody. Some of them may live off campus, but regardless it’s a 5 minute drive across town. Obviously the diehards that don’t miss a game down front aren’t going to be hurt by a shrunken student section because they’ll be there in line early anyway to get their same seats, so you don’t hear most of them complaining.

    Maybe I have a distorted view of the student season ticket holders’ situation because when I was a student I scheduled everything around ISU games. I was in line hours before the doors opened to claim my seat down front and drove through crappy weather to road games. I don’t have any thoughts that I am in some way better than any other student fan, but I’m just saying if you care enough to get the tickets you should care enough to use them. It is possible to work around the conflicts of getting to a game. Now obviously everybody has a conflict once in a while, and once in a while you just can’t make it work. In those cases try to find somebody to fill your seat, because every extra voice helps create some Hilton Magic.

    I hope tonight’s turnout (student and non-student) is better than the last few games since it is a ranked opponent, but I’m sure the weather will be another factor. I don’t want this to come across as a scolding, but I’m just telling you to take it from a guy who was in your shoes about 3 years ago, you don’t know how good you had it ’til you’re sitting up in the nose bleeds and looking longingly at all the empty seats around the arena circle (for all sections) and wishing you had your student tickets back.

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    Im just glad I have Homan as my bodyguard, Eustachy joked. If I ever make it real big and get to drive a limo everyday, hell be driving it. I thought he came off the bench like somebody was stealing his cow or something.

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