I went to Manhattan this weekend to watch the basketball game and had a great time even though we got pounded on the court. We met some very hospitable KSU students who let us tag along with them at the game (4 ISU students with red shirts sitting in the KSU student section). They even invited us to party with them at their house and let us crash there for the night.

One of my friends went to a bar in Aggieville called Rusty's. He was having a good time. He said there were a lot of KSU football and basketball players there as well (including Andre Gilbert and Michael Beasley). It turns out that a cat-fight broke out between two girls, whom apparently were both flirting with the KSU athletes. A male friend of one of the girls comes over to defend her and Andre Gilbert flipped his lid. Both start yelling smack talk at each other and Gilbert threatens to beat the other guy up. By this point everyone is advising this guy to leave before Gilbert beats him up. The bouncers escort the girls out of the bar. Eventually the guy decides to leave and Gilbert chases after him and beats up this guy (not sure if it was inside or outside). Then Gilbert takes off before anyone could catch him. My friend watched this happen and talked to the victim who had a severely broken nose. Apparently the victim's mother is the DA for the area and claims that there is no way Gilbert will get away with it.

My friend told me this story several different times and it matches up every time and I don't have any reason to doubt that this actually happened. I have looked on the internet for any news concerning the encounter but haven't really found anything yet. I did learn that Andre Gilbert was once indicted for one count of first-degree burglary and two counts of second-degree rape while he was at South Dakota State University but was later acquitted.

What is it with athletes and bar fights??? If I were a coach, I would have a hard time keeping myself from telling them college bars are off limits.

If everyone in the story is telling the truth I would be very surprised if Andre Gilbert isn't charged and convicted of assault. Time will tell if anything comes of it...