Watch out for Maurice Purify. He can really make the tough catch. He is the one to watch.
Hardy can run fast if he can catch it.
Nate Swift is good on out routes.
Herrion cannot move as fast as before. He will not outrun you.
Nunn is slippery at times, but not overpowering.
Force Nebraska to throw deep instead of short and Taylor will goof it up with his line drive throws.

Their runners are basically for running only as none appear great receivers.
Stuff the middle in the first quarter.
Lucky is weakest of four runners. Too much finesse.
Glenn and Wilson like to run off tackle. Glenn fumbles.
Jackson is more multipurpose but can fumble.
Try to rip the ball away when these four run into the big piles. It may work.

The Nebraska secondary is playing like ours. The weak place in the armor. So o line, at least opass block for a second. Do not let Carriker roar around the outside. By the way, Adam has not done much yet this year. Do not make him be an All American. Jay Mooore from little Elkhorn is pretty good but not great if you fool him. O line needs tio outhink the NE front four. Think before the play.

Watch the first 15 diagrammed plays by Callahan to see what works against us and then adjust immediately at the 16th play.

Nebraska has road questions about themselves. Put some doubt in their mind the first quarter. Do not wait. Do not wait. Do not wait and play conservative. We are not good enough and that time passed last year.

It looks like you can hit TYayulor all day in the stomach and his padding protects him, sop reach for his arms to hit his arm as he always seems to throw from a high ball release position and is not apparently able to wing it like Bret.

Hey lineman, get your hands up if you cannot get to the qb like all year. You might knock one or two down. Do not let them throw those quick slants over the middle by keeping your arnms down Curvy and Frere.

Remember, Cory Ross is gone so NE has more power but less slipperness at running back. So tackle better for a change.

Let the new season begin or it will end on Saturday.