Bowen is still leading the nation in total tackles by a whopping 8, and he already has 69 tackles this year, for 13.8 per game. I still can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing. He has 37 solo tackles, and there are three guys with 38. The closest guy to his tackle totals from a BCS conference is HB Blades, from Pitt, and he is 11 shy of Bowen with 58.

After Tyrone's great tackling performance yesterday, he is sixth in the nation with 56 tackles, for 11.2 per game. That gives ISU two of the top six tacklers in the nation.

Funny note: I noticed Mike Klinkenborg from Iowa is #9 in total tackles…but he only has 13 solo tackles. He has 41 assisted tackles. That is unreal. He's #9 in total tackles, but not even in the top 100 for solo tackles, and the #100 guys all have 18. Who knows how far down the list he is. Kind of funny.