On the non-beer topic commercials I was just watching one of the Kohler spots and can't help put think about a couple things.

1) How funny they are, even though they are fairly subtle

2) How much they make me want to buy their products, I don't think I've ever said that about something non-alcoholic and not pubbing an upcoming TV show. But I seem to be more easily persuaded as of late.

The 3 Kohler commercials I have seen are:
1) The Kohler installation guy testing out the new shower (I definitely want one of those showers, with all the shower heads and the music to drown out my singing.)
2) The old lady on her death bed noticing the woman across the street with her new Kohler tub
3) The guy, noticing the hot female plumber trying to plug his Kohler toilet when his wife walks in.