So, I was lucky enough to get to take in both unreal basketball games in Iowa today. I took two of my cousins to their first ISU game. One just moved here from Florida (16), he tried to seem unimpressed at teh beginning but by the end was asking about different players and I'm pretty sure he had a good time. Football might be a hard sell on him since he was born and raised a Gator fan (named after Steve Spurrier). The other one (8) just moved from Kansas, not really into sports, he was more into the Apple shuffle and basketball dance, but think he had a good time.

The game was great, except for a lull in the first half the team had a ton of energy and did really well against a physical Ok. St. I have been tough on AT alot but I think he is starting to embrace his role and had one of the best games I have seen him play (Iowa or ISU). It looks like Petey is regressing a bit but luckily DG is really starting to step up. Brackins and Jiri struggled a bit against stronger defenders but kept taking it to them so that was good to see. That number 5 for Ok St is an animal, wow! He was all over the court.

As I was leaving the game my 'Drake insider' called and told me he left some tickets for the game tonight. WOW, what a game and I had some great seats. I couldn't beleive that the score wasn't in the 100's at that pace. Kinda cool to see Keno get fired up, but rightly so, those refs were pretty brutal, two missed charge calls in a row! Emminecker is tough as nails! The kid really impressed me, how he can take it to the hole so effectively is beyond me but he can get it done. The crowd was amazing, I'm guessing more then half the student body showed up. I don't know how Drake is going to keep Keno around but they could really have something special. Don't for once think that his dad handed him the keys to a loaded deal either. He has been running the show the last few years but they needed Tom around to be a figurehead. IF they can keep Keno around we could be looking at a real strong program in the future...

Great day all around, go Clones and Go Bulldogs!