It seems that the second half has been a downer/'bummer four weeks in a row. The opponent goes in at halftime and comes out rejuvenated with their adjustments. Our offense goes stale and our defense looks lost. We come out of halftime with the samwe old gameplan that stops working as it did in the first half. Since this has been the case with small or large teams four weeks in a row, it must be something to do with how we plan the game.

1. So, let's have two gameplans offense and defense. Once the second half begins, we go to Plan B. It will take the other team a quarter to figure iout why their adjustments do not work.

2. Do an onside kickoff. We need to practice for Nebraska.

3. Practice blitzing. Three or four sacks in four games is pathetic. Where are Parker's teammates?

4. Swing pass out to Stevie on the outside instead of the middle of the field.

5. Put Johnson and Hicks in backfield at same time. When their blitz comes, let them block or sneak out past the blitzes for an easy pass. Having double backfield means you can sneak out on either side.

6. Go for it in their territory on fourth down. More good practice for Nebraska game.

7. Take lineman out of game for one play if they false start. Hey this is home and there is no excuse for seniors. Just ask Mac.

8. Do the RJ Sumrall end around to remind them.

9. Let Flynn go in as a halfback and throw a pass back to Bret.

10. Rotate o line players more. Tired of hearing them being gassed in fourth quarter. Fill them up with ethanol while on the bench.

11. Bret needs to practice looking off his receivers. Look to right and then quickly turn and fire to the left. All good qbs do this. Non more lockons like a guided missile.

12. Throw more than one deep ball a game. make it a goal. Good things will happen, usually penalties.

13. Do the fake stutter step one way and cut back the other direction to set up the blocking.

14. Try to win the fourth quarter. Start with a prayer.

15. Encourage the fans to yell.

16. Hit someone hard as a team and mean it at least once each quarter.

17. Watch the Waterboy prior to the game and imagine the opposing qb to be what Adam Sandler saw.