I have to say that this is almost a weaker area than the defense right now. We have got to do a better job in the field position game so our defense doesn't have to work with a short field all the time. Our punting is pathetic but our coverage teams have given up a lot of return yards too. Amazing how Yelk's kickoffs are being missed right now. Unless we have the wind I doubt we will see many kickoffs for touchbacks.

The punting though is the worse of them all though. We only average 38.7 yards a punt and net just 31.9 yards after the returns. I'm not sure how to read the kickoff stats but either we are letting opponents start on the 29 or nearly 36 yard line on kickoff, not sure how the net stat is interpretted.

This team is young on defense so I'm willing to show some patience there. They have gradually improved but still have a lot of work to do. But I was worried coming into this season about special teams. In fact I even asked a question this spring at the recruiting event they had in DSM with coach Ash and Alford about our kicking games and got a poor answer back. Basically they proclaimed their faith in Shaggy but didn't really get into how they were going to address kickoffs and punting which which basically was the same as saying they were not about to admit that was going to be a a concern coming into this season.