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    Re: So, why is Georgia State part of FBS?

    Quote Originally Posted by colbycheese View Post
    Miami's average attendance last season: 53,837
    Iowa State's average attendance last season: 55,274
    Quote Originally Posted by mtowncyclone13 View Post
    According to ESPN Miami had 64k/game last year.
    What Miami considers attendance is probably similar to what Iowa considers sellouts...

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    Re: So, why is Georgia State part of FBS?

    Quote Originally Posted by CYphyllis View Post
    Miami, Pitt, Wake, Duke, BC, etc.

    I'm not way off base, I own a television, I've unfortunately subjected myself to some ****** ACC football in front of empty stadiums multiple times. In terms of support there is Florida State, Clemson, and then a whole lot of inflated attendance numbers.
    Agree with most of this but you left out Virginia Tech, they have a rabid fanbase and a great atmosphere.

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    Re: So, why is Georgia State part of FBS?

    Quote Originally Posted by colbycheese View Post
    The Big 12 averaged 58,899 per game last year. The ACC averaged 49,982 (about 15K more than all of the ISU games I attended while I was a student at ISU - '04-'08). Don't act like the Big 12 is light years ahead of the ACC. Also, there's still a huge difference between the power 5 and the next conference (Conf. USA at 33K per game). Also, the ACC produces more NFL players than the Big 12. Look it up. The Big 12 does have the upper hand on tailgating and stadium noise (FSU and Clemson accepted), but this notion that the Big 12 is heads and shoulders ahead of the ACC is getting old.
    I agree, the Big 12 is not head and shoulders above the ACC as some are posturing. And some ISU fans on here seem to be basing quite a bit of their thoughts on ISU attendance from the last 2-3 seasons. We aren't that far removed from the bad figures of 06-08 seasons. And the attendance for the 04 & 05 seasons is sad looking back on it (esp ISU vs Mizzou game).

    Major props to us ISU fans though because we have shown up in record breaking numbers the last few seasons. Things might have turned a corner AND the SEZ is happening because of demand that has never been there before. ColbyCheese, I hope you have had a chance to return for a game in the last couple seasons because the atmosphere is much improved, in general, than it was.

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