How many of you have caught a game yet? I went this week when they had one heck of a deal for the Holiday week games: $44 for 4 tickets which included for each ticket a free program ($1) and about $6 worth of food in a pop, popcorn, and hotdog. $11 a person so you basically got a ticket for $4 and food and program for about $7. We sat about 2/3 of the way up in the section behind the Energy bench so was not too bad of a seat either.

Game has a mix feel of college and pro hoops. Lot of NBA 1 on 1 matchups sometimes or guys taking shots they shouldn't be taking but when the game is close you see more of the college fundamental ball play I think. I would rather see an ISU game though but if you are looking for something to do it's not a bad time at all. Sometimes you get lucky and see some players from schools you know like the other night had Quannas White and Kevin Bookout from Oklahoma although Bookout was not suited up and Kenny Taylor from Texas. One of my friends saw a game that Jason Klotz from Texas was playing for the other team.

I'm actually looking forward to the Barnstormers coming back. I know it's just AFL2 but its still some hard hitting football and probably more entertaining that the Stars or Energy.