My expectations are pretty low for this season but I do think there are a lot of exciting and interesting wrinkles this team can exploit. I do think 2015 can be a really good year.

1. Iím very interested to see how we use the receivers this year. I think the group still hasnít been totally productive, but Iíd like us to have some Todd-Blytheian type packages but with both Montgomery and Lazard on the edges, hopefully one of them can get in single coverage and we can just have some plays where Grant just lobs it on a fade. I think this can help solve some lingering issues in pass protection letting him get the ball out of his hands, and can also create some seams in the running game for the backs or Rohach himself.

2. There is a lot to be interested in on the defensive end. Man there is a lot of question marks but Iím very curious to see if Knott is healthy, the development of Cousin, and what the heck happens with the safeties.

3. Back to Rohach, I do think and hope he wins the starting job. We saw some really good things from him. The other thing I want to see in regard to quarterbacks though is I hope they donít get too careful trying to protect them. I do think Rohach is better but I donít think heís light years ahead of Richardson, and the QB rush IMO is an essential element to the offense. I do expect 62%+ completion percentage and I think we would see a totally different offense with that stat.

4. Just from a personal mental health standpoint Iíd love to see us beat KSU. So many close losses to them in the last 7 years or so. Itís early, they are replacing a ton of starters on defense, I have a tremendous amount of respect and hate for Snyder, and I just want to see the program get over that hump early in the season.