Due to numerous issues surrounding individuals that may be starting their own website, we would like to keep all references to said person(s) and website(s) off of CycloneFanatic. We support and assist every true Cyclone but we side with the vast majority of the fans that question the true intentions of some persons involved in some endeavors. Please don't take this personally, we just don't want to give publicity where it's not due. By talking about somebody or something, you give it legitimacy and that's not always the correct or desired outcome.

As you all know very well, I will personally help any and all Cyclones with whatever it may be that they need help with - BUT - I can not and will not allow some individuals to gain publicity just to make a buck off of something most of us believe they have no real feelings towards. Cyclones stick together and help each other but we also don't allow our program to be exploited for a quick buck.

This decision and this announcement are solely my opinion and should be viewed as only my opinion - but in this instance, I am making a rule based on my personal opinion.

Thank you for understanding and please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Jeremy Lind