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    Re: Ann Coulters informed take on Soccer

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclonestate78 View Post
    The beauty of this is the hypocrisy in Ann Coulter's own take on soccer. Her crazy rants are designed specifically to get attention. So if nobody truly cares about soccer or the US team playing in the World Cup then why on earth would this bimbo comment on it? She is an attention whore plain and simple. By writing a crazy rant against soccer she has unknowingly admitted that in fact soccer is starting to catch on in the United States and that people are following the US team in the World Cup. Nobody is going to argue that Coulter is a bright individual as once again she has shown that she is too stupid to even understand the concept of her own agenda to get attention.
    Ann Coulter loves getting attention more than she hates Democrats/liberals, which is saying quite a bit.

    "The fact that anybody can say anything does not mean that anything anybody says is worth hearing"

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    Re: Ann Coulters informed take on Soccer

    Even though I'm pretty liberal, I'm kind of a fan of Coultergeist. He/she(?) only pops up when it has a book to pimp on the general public about how liberal's ruin everything but he/she's never dull and often quite entertaining. That being said, she could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn't miss her.

    And for the record, soccer does suck.

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