I'm still working on the remaining features and bugs on the new site version but I wanted to give a quick update on where things are. On the surface things won't look very different, however, the screenshots below are just a few of the new features. All of the shots below were taken from a single member profile page. With tabs, we'll be able to have a lot more information without making things cluttered and hard to read/navigate.

Essentially - the new version will better allow member to member communication and interaction for those that for one reason or another don't want to use posts/threads. You can leave public or private visitor messages on profile pages, share album pictures, join social groups that you can set as private or public and create social networks of friends. It's hard to explain now, but it'll be fun to use.

Everything that I'm showing can be enabled or disabled by each member - you don't have to participate or interact anymore or less than you want to. These are just a few of the features and there are many more for those that aren't in to the member to member interaction as much.

Anyways, here are a few teaser pics from my test site to show that I am working on something:)

Attachment 1101 Attachment 1102 Attachment 1103

Attachment 1104 Attachment 1105 Attachment 1106

Attachment 1107 Attachment 1108 Attachment 1109

Attachment 1110 Attachment 1111

UPDATE - Here is an example of the new attachment feature where you can click on an attachment and a javascript popup with the image(s) that you can cycle through without new windows and browsers...

Attachment 1112 Attachment 1113