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    Alabama 2nd half a perfect nightcap to a horrid fantasy football day

    My new blog entry is up...I was planning for it to be mostly about the ISU game but ended up with a good chunk of it talking fantasy football. Sorry, I'll try to do better next time...Merry Christmas Cyclone Fanatics

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    Disappointing Finish to ISU/Alabama Game by Jerry Hales
    :: December 24th, 2007 :: 12:25 am

    Let me preface this entry by saying that I am the cheapest man I know. Iíve always been in a fantasy football league played only for pride with friends from my high school days, but this year I finally got into a league with some friends Iíve coached with for cash. The payout for 1st is $100, while 2nd is $60. For some crazy reason, the commissioner made this week the semifinals of the playoffs. I finished the regular season in 1st place at 12-3 with over 1500 points while 2nd place was 8-7 with 1150 points. My team includes Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Marion Barber. Well this week I apparently should have changed up the lineup for the playoffs, because I left 90 points on my bench while I only scored 60 with my starters. The guy I was playing even started Willis McGahee and Willie Parker who combined for 0 points, but it didnít matter. After dominating all year, Iím most likely out of the money game because of one crappy week. Now Iím sitting here pouting because I am a penny pinching *******.

    This is where I find myself as I listen to the end of the ISU/Alabama game. The Clones have really come along lately on offense, and played well in the first half as they were tied 40-40. Alabama just had too much for us to handle defensively, as they rarely missed an outside shot and hit over 50% from the field for the game. We can definitely take some good things from this weekend though. We got to see how we stacked up against good competition before conference play, and for a game and a half we looked pretty darn good. I also feel good about the progression of Diante Garrett at the point as he played well offensively in both games. Bryan Petersen shot and handled the ball very well all weekend as well, not to mention the strong play of Jiri Hubalek lately and solid bench play from our posts. If we can keep improving I think weíll be competitive on most nights in the Big 12, although the conference looks very strong top to bottom.

    Regardless, itís been a long night and I need to go watch some 3 Stooges or something to cheer up. Other than that, maybe I can go cut some coupons out of the Sunday Register tomorrow to make up for the money I ****** away today in my cash league. There is a long shot chance that I could still pull that one out if Brandon Marshall has in the neighborhood of 12 catches, 100+ yards, and at least 1 touchdown tomorrow night. Besides I guess not everything is horrible, Iím ahead 27 points in the championship game of my ďfor prideĒ league, and I still have Antonio Gates while my opponent has LT going tomorrow night. If you notice that LT had 4 or 5 touchdowns on Monday Night Football, Iím just going to let you know ahead of time that I might not be here next week (hint hint!). All kidding aside, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy it with your family and friends, remembering the reason we celebrate it. Now Iím off to eat some Rodeo Billís potato chips from Aldis and sulk. Sorry if two thirds of this one belonged in the fantasy league section, I wasnít planning it that way.

    ďIím just glad I have Homan as my bodyguard,Ē Eustachy joked. ďIf I ever make it real big and get to drive a limo everyday, heíll be driving it. I thought he came off the bench like somebody was stealing his cow or something.Ē

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    Re: Alabama 2nd half a perfect nightcap to a horrid fantasy football day

    I agree we did look pretty good in the last couple games. I think Diante and Peterson played the best they've played all year. Both are pushing the ball and utilizing their strengths. I think if we just fine tune a few things on defense and continue to improve on offense we will be competitive in the Big 12 this year.

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    Re: Alabama 2nd half a perfect nightcap to a horrid fantasy football day

    Horrible few bookie days for me too!

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