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Thread: Hilton South

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    Re: Hilton South

    Quote Originally Posted by ImJustKCClone View Post
    Let me get this're calling us out for not attending the KU game when you didn't either?

    I put in a full day's work on Friday, as did my husband. We watched the KSU game during an extended lunch hour and the KU game at home. We then did a one day road trip to watch the team compete for the championship (we came home Saturday night). You took two, maybe three days off of work to watch the KSU game, spend megabucks at the bars on Friday and watch the KU game in a bar, then go to the championship game, and somehow YOU are disappointed in US???

    Mucho grande cojones...
    I didn't call you out for not attending, I said I was disappointed that so many people didn't come down until after we had beat KU. The support for Iowa State on Friday was far beyond just what made it into the Sprint Center and it made an awesome atmosphere all around KC. Would have been incredible to have even half of the people that came down Saturday there for Friday evening.

    Next year just plan on winning the whole damn thing and take the extended weekend (;

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    Re: Hilton South

    Quote Originally Posted by stevefrench View Post
    On Friday KU fans outnumbered ISU fans 3 to 1. still very respectable considering lawrence is like 30 minutes from there and it's a KU town.
    Sorry to quibble with you. But when we were at the Sprint Center for the ISU-KU game, our group discussed and debated the approximate ratios. We decided it was no more than a 2:1 ratio in favor of KU fans, and possibly closer to a 3:2 ratio. And there was no doubt that the average ISU fan generated more noise than the average KU fan, probably because we knew that we needed to match their volume. I was so thankful we got the reinforcements for the Baylor game, because some of us had vocal-chord damage following the KState and KU victories.

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    Re: Hilton South

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    Re: Hilton South

    Ticket pricing explains how many people decided to show up after the ISU vs. KU game. Most of the tickets were sold for face value right after the KU game, but they suddenly went up by good 50 bucks next day.

    It was really nice to see all the Clone fans in KC whole weekend. I am still trying to recover from screaming my lungs out for three days in a row. Glad I don't live too far from KC to make this trip.

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    Re: Hilton South

    Quote Originally Posted by Clone1138 View Post
    Haven't had a chance to comment on the KC experience a lot. Immediately following the win over KU, we looked online and snatched up 4 row 7 tickets for the ISU/Baylor game. As we drove from DSM down to KC, we passed or were passed by numerous cars with ISU flag/plates/stickers and we'd all wave at each other .

    Once we got down to the Sprint Center, I couldn't believe what I saw. Just an endless sea of cardinal and gold. When we turned the corner to enter into the KC Live area, my jaw just dropped. I've never seen a gathering like this outside of Ames. I was so impressed and proud of our fan base. The pep rally was great and it was so awesome just partying with so many ISU fans. I felt like I had 20,000 new friends.

    Once we got into the Sprint Center and it began to fill up, the vibe was already electric. The crowd was really into the game, even during the bad first half. As soon as 3sus and Ejim nailed those first two 3-pointers around the 6-7 minute mark, the place just went nuts. I was at the Michigan Iowa and OSU games at Hilton this year. The Sprint Center rivaled those games. People were cheering, clapping and yelling through the whole game, especially in the end. I can't remember being more proud of our fanbase than this game. This place really, truly became Hilton South.

    I didn't have the fortune of being at the ISU/Oklahoma State football game back in 2011, so for me, this was my all-time favorite Cyclone experience. The only thing that could top this would be winning the whole damn thing!
    I'll agree about the whole KC Live thing. On Thursday and Friday, ISU fans represented well. We were easily the second biggest fanbase in the arena and outside (I think a lot of KU fans just go home after their games instead of partying). But Saturday? Entering that KC Live area, you'd have to have been there in person to really grasp how big of a takeover it was. I'd say it was more packed than either of the two previous days and it was almost ALL Cyclone fans. I'm talking wall to wall, can't hardly move, impossible to get a table anywhere packed. I'd like to see the number of people who drove down Saturday morning, because it had to number in the 7-8k at least.

    We only had rooms for Thursday and Friday...struggled to find a hotel for Saturday after we won and it was not cheap. Also had quite a few people who I wouldn't say are diehard fans that came down and had an absolute blast. P&L, Westport, the Plaza, it didn't matter, there were Cyclone fans everywhere.

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