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There is no way they should have 5, that's a total joke.
Most of which were gotten against the other bottom half teams (NW, IU, Purdue and Illinois are four of the worst teams in the conference). They had four wins last year when the conference was much tougher. The only team to finish with fewer wins than that was Penn State, which never recovered from losing Frazier.

they caught Minnesota right after Andre Hollins sprained his ankle and Wisconsin when they were in a crazy slump. Those are the only wins of note for NW, and they've been pretty well handled in all their other games against the top four (they play OSU for the first time this week).

Is the Big 12 better this year? Yes. But the B1G is still in the top 2, and the fact that the B1G's worst teams aren't as god awful as TCU doesn't change that.