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    Re: I hope hilton....

    I don't think most of the students care, if they did it wouldn't be empty. Hilton is great when KU visits, good at other times. It's probably a top 25 arena in the country, its good, not great. People have all these excuses, it boils down to the fact it's good, sometimes great, but usually just good. Nothing wrong with that.

    but it's ours, so I still think its awesome.

    I do think it probably needs to be reseated, although no clue how that would work or if its even possible. Pollard cares about dollars, not about how loud it is.

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    Re: I hope hilton....

    Quote Originally Posted by allfourcy View Post
    I agree. Definitely proud of the team. Also, I don't think its a 'negative' thing to want the place packed and rocking and even offering to buy some fatheads or signs. It's more of a 'lets rally the troops' . Nobody wants the students to stop coming. Nobody.
    And I agree with you . . wanting the place packed and rocking with fatheads and signs is not a negative thing . . . one of the very positive suggestions I was applauding that I've seen here and elsewhere. I just wish people would realize that "rallying the troops" does not need to include the mean spirited jabs at other 'factions' of the fan base and even the team that I also see all over this site on a regular basis, not just in this thread. Actually totally counter-productive toward achieving the environment we want. Honestly, can't tell you the number of times I've been reading on cyclone fanatic where I think to myself, wow, I wonder if that person is that much of a jerk when you are talking to them directly, or if they just think they can get away with it when they are somewhat anonymous? I know I'm living in la la land, but I like believing that all Clone fans are awesome people.

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