1. Defense
No pass rush
Not able to make plays
Safties don't like to hit
Bowen missed as many tackles as he made.
underneath coverage is lax, yet decent... but to lax. I wasa waiting for a hit or tip.
Made Tate look like an all-american (he isn't and isn't better than Meyer)
2. Offense
Too many dropped balls
Nothing vertical to stretch the field
Can't adjust to cover 2
1995 playbook? (Dad's words)
3. Lots of touching going on in the secondary by UofI.
4. Wish we had UofI's schedule for the remainder of the season.


1. Not intimidated at Kinnick
2. GREAT blocking up front on O
3. GREAT blocking up front on D
4. Blythe
5. Meyers accuracy
6. Tate continues to blow up (on and off the field)
7. Baum