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Yesterday morning a cop shows up and asks me if I hit something(Yes a deer in 2012. Truck is a piece so of course not worth the fix it.) I said yes and explained the situation. Asked him what the problem was as I was asked about it 2 months ago when I was pulled over for a headlight out. Anyhow, today he damn near beats my door down, but I slept through it. He leaves his business card so I call him later. Meet him at Polk County, puts me in his car and reads me my rights. Starts showing me pictures of a mailbox that got knocked down the other night. I of course told him where I was and let him know that I had about 10 witnesses to prove it. So he takes me inside where a detective grills me for about 10 minutes before she gives up. Says they will press charges and I walk out the front door and go home. Should I be worried or were they just trying to scare me to get me to admit to a crime I didnt commit or do they really have something here? Should I lawyer up? They say the tracks match my truck and it happened 2 blocks from my house. I have somebody with me from 6:30 til the next day. Not sure when the crime happened.
In jail, or have they left you alone?