Apparently no one representing ISU, besides the basketball players, is talking about the status of Bubu Palo. The latest and most informative article I could find was on Sunday from Randy Peterson for USA Today. As I understand it, Bubu is on the team and practicing with the full support of his teammates.
Exactly a year ago, charges were dropped against Bubu, and he was reinstated to the team and CFH played him in 17 games last season. Then, he was found in violation of the Code of Conduct - in what appears to be some "Kangaroo Court" attempt to remove him from the team. An Administrative Law Judge saw no justification for this course of action and righteously overturned the COC decision. Then, strangely enough and with suspect timing, President Leath orders the enforcement of the COC decision that does not allow Bubu the option to transfer to another school to play basketball. And now, this brings us to last week's District Court ruling and order to temporarily reinstate Bubu to the team. Again, there was a citing no justification for the COC decision.

This now has taken the ugly shape that Bubu has been denied his due process. It is also inconsistent with how other ISU student athletes were handled in similar circumstances. And really, for those who are quick to judge and condemn Bubu, how different is his situation from that of the FSU quarterback who won the H-trophy and College Football National Championship?

JP issues statement calling the District Court ruling "disappointing" - which very well could have been done under a directive from President Leath. CFH cannot comment on Bubu's status and no one else from ISU administration is talking. Is Leath pulling the strings here? Has he issued a gag order? Is there action going on behind the scenes to find another way to remove Bubu from team?

This story is now the big elephant in the room and will not be going away anytime soon - though many people wish it would.