Our staff has indicated that we would have a class somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-26 schollies out there.....Here's my take on the defense....We have 6 Defensive recruits committed, 3-DL, 1-LB, 2-DB this should leave us 6-7 slots available (2 DL,1 LB, 3DB)

DL with our current roster and our three recruits McDonough, Robertson, Guillory, i think our attention right now has to be on at least 2 DT, and these are the guys, Pierre Alexander, Otis Jones, Kendrick Payne, Joe Marshall, James Brown.
Prediction: We have a great shot with Payne and Jones, i think Marshall will sign with Minny and and Brown will sign with Auburn or Alabama. If we did happen to sign James Brown i for one would be very pumped....even though this guy has zero stars by the recruiting agencies, when you look at this numbers the big man is an athlete (6-2 289 4.8 with 29 inch vertical) thats awesome for a big man in the middle...he could be our warren sapp or tommy harris....

LB - with Ferguson, we need at least one more if not 2. I know we've talked a lot with high schoolers Pattee and Adeoba. But, i think our next LB commit will be a juco one of these three James Collins, Roderick MacKenzie or Korey Fry. Personally, i really like Korey Fry, hes got the size and speed we want (6-1, 210 4.4) with Collins a close second (6-3, 235 4.53).
Prediction: We get Adeoba and maybe Fry. I think Collins signs with wherever Mac ends up either at USF or Northern Illinois. IMO Fry is a legitimate opening day starter type of guy that will make plays!

DB - Darks and Land (already our secondary is more athletic). I predict we will be pushing hard here over the next couple of days for a couple more recruits. #1 Priority is Maurice Gray - he comes in this weekend for a visit and like another thread talked about, hope the fact school is out will not affect his decision, otherwise its Okie St. On those lines, even though rivals lists us both as high, i think he's leaning that way. Right now Okie St is trying to get three players from El Dorado, Gray, Swanson Miller and Beau Johnson, they might land all three...As far as ISU goes, i think this area and DL were the two priorities our coaching staff is addressing. Top targets that we have a realistic shot at are obviously Gray, TerRan Benton, Demetrius Williamson, Greg Brown, Cornelius Douglas, Kendrick Presley, Zavier Gooden, and Kenji Jackson.
Prediction: I think we get Gray - the allure of playing for Chiz as a defensive minded guy is too much. Now if he brought along Swanson Miller DT that would be great....We also will get Demetrius Williamson and Cornelius Douglas. This will be an infusion of talent at the DB position that will pay immediate dividends!!!!

We get this talented group on the defensive side of the ball and our staff will be more aggressive. I think that was a large part of the issue this year was that the talent we had did not fit the system well. Forcing players to play in essence out of position sometimes can backfire. Well now Chiz will be working his guys through the system, this should obviously improve the play if our staff has evaluated the players correctly.