I was thinking this morning about the players who have come through ISU under Hoiberg's tenure and how much BETTER many of them became as they progressed through their time in Ames.

I'm not just talking about players with a "troubled" past like White and Lucious but also guys like McGee and Babb who were a full step-change better their senior years. Ejim last year made this jump and now guys like Kane and Hogue are playing well-above their expectations based on past performance (granted they are in different leagues this year).

I've also seen playing time improve and regress for players along with their performance (see McGee for the former and Gibson for the latter). From my playing days in high school I can fully appreciate both the fact that CFH's staff invests in players not in the starting 5 but also rewards them for performance.

I haven't read alot about this topic and think it is an underrated part of the success we have had in recent years.

If I was a senior in HS or a transfer considering ISU, that would be something to look at beyond play style, facilities, etc.