On tonights episode of Raw, they announced Batista AKA The Animal will be making his return in a month.

I don't watch the show very much, but WWE needs Shane McMahon to leave his job in China and come back to the company. I think he was behind the Attitude Era idea, because since he's left, the show hasn't been as great as it was when he was there. Since Cena became big, no one has become an A-Lister.

One may argue Orton, but they ran out of legends for him to "kill" and he didn't do much except have random feuds with nobodies.

One may argue Ryback, but they screwed the pooch on that one, because he was the **** until they turned him heel.

The best is probably Bryan. I hated him and thought they were trying to hard to make him big, but I started to eventually like him, and now he is pretty fun to watch. They kind of killed his excitement though after they took his belt from him.

Anyhow, since Cena is their biggest guy and they keep building guys up and killing them off, they need to keep bringing back old A-Listers to keep ratings up - Rock, Lesnar, Batista. They need to use these guys to build up future wrestlers, and keep those future wrestlers A-Listers.

My God, the Dudley brothers were better to watch then 90% of what is on RAW now, and they were probably the easiest creation in the history of fake wrestling.