I was thinking about calling into the show tonight. I am as frustrated as the next fan, but I don't think the blame game or sky is falling is the right approach to take. I do think that as an alumni, fan, Cyclone club member, and season ticket holder I should be able to get some accountability. I have put together a few questions that I have, and wanted to see what you all thought or if anyone had any valid questions they would like added to my list.

1. Identity, What is the goal of our offense. Iowa is ball control / limit possessions much like K-State. OU, TT, Baylor like to get up tempo and tire the defense.

2. Where is our depth in year 5? I know we have had injuries, but in year 5, I would hope we would have built on a foundation where we could absorb some of these injuries. Have we missed on recruits that haven't developed to provide this depth.

Please only comment if have constructive suggestions. We all know how sarcasm works on this site.