My fellow CF buddies. My mother in law is in desperate need to collect votes for her local community center. She's done a great job of getting votes but would greatly appreciate your help! If you could read the following and vote I would appreciate it. She's living with me for another week and my life will be hell if she doesn't get into the top 2 spots! (You married guys/girls should know what I mean!

Dear Friend, Family, Neighbour, Supporter

Please will you vote for the Dove Trust in the Lloyds TSB Community Fund competition and help us win the 3000 first prize. Its easy, just follow the following guide.

Just as important, will you encourage all your Friends, Family and Neighbours and ask them to pass on the message also, like a round robin only our Youth Club will be the winners

Step 1 Access

Step 2 Click vote.

Step 3 Enter your own email address.

Step 4 You will receive an email from Lloyds asking you to confirm your vote by pressing the link in their email.

Thank you for caring and taking the time to register your vote