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    2002 Iowa game on

    greetings fellow Clonies- has highlights of the 2002 game in clone zone for free. There is a segment with the 2nd half only, and oh my god I forgot how delicous that 30 minutes of football was!!! (probably due to the elevated levels of alcohol in my bloodstream at that point)... but it really was an amazing half.... and seeing Seneca play in one of his best games ever was such a treat... I still don't know if I've seen anyone run in one direction and throw in the opposite direction or across his body as well as Seneca did (and still probably does at Seattle)....

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    Re: 2002 Iowa game on

    I was probably as liquored up as you were and remember just being so insanely ****** off at halftime as Hawkeye fan gave me so much ****. We were sitting in the endzone about 10 rows up and I gave every bit of it back in the second half.

    We were drunk and obnoxious but in my defense we were provoked. Oh, good times. I have a classic picture of the scoreboard behind me right after ISU took the lead and row after row of stunned Hawk fans looking towards the field as they began to realize they were, once again, about to lose "the game that didn't matter" and it really mattered to them. I keep it by my bed and kiss it every night.

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