Nice write-up and hits on some fairly well known topics. Even though Coach is the one that uttered these words, I have to voice my disagreement with them. He states, “There might be games, which we haven’t had too many of those here lately, where we got to outscore somebody and beat them 75-70 or 80-75 and just have to live with that.”

Why do I disagree? If there is one thing that has been a staple of Twister Sister basketball it is defense. In your face, scrappy defense. We hold teams to lower point totals than practically anyone else. I would like to believe that this team will be very effective at half court and full court pressure with the guard makeup. It will be quicker than in the past. Probably invoke a collapsing defense around the post to deny ball entry. Personally I see this as a big challenge to the guards with a very high rate of return. Time will tell.